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Let’s C.A.K.E from Walking, Meditation, Breathing or just C.A.K.E -ing: Caring-About-Known Evidence, we have what you need to overcome uncomfortable moments within.

Anxiety Therapy
Depression Therapy
Couples counseling
Stress issues

Small talk can change everything

Let’s C.A.K.E Self Care Therapy  provides a safe space to for you to focus on many different areas of your life. We provide a safe space for you to vent, offer life coaching services, self development services, and a variety of other forms of Self Care Therapy. 

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Every journey starts with the first step, so you just made yours.

There are times in life when we lose who we once were and we feel like we don’t have anyone to talk too and there is no one in our corner. When you feel alone, down, depress or just need someone there to provide support, Let’s CAKE. Book a session and begin gaining who you once were. Orangeburg, SC in person service area. Virtual sessions are available too.